Relationship: reScript

A Workshop for Committed Couples Who Want Their Relationship to Attain Its Highest Potential
  • Experience a safe environment for fully exploring your relationship
  • Discover how two individual lives can successfully merge into one relationship
  • Candidly assess your relationship's health and needed improvements
  • Develop a shared vision for how your new "dream" relationship will be
  • Create a relationship strategy for keeping trust, intimacy, and joy alive
  • Gain proven tools you can use every day to create a more fulfilling relationship.

Falling in love is easy. Building on that takes more.

Understanding the tools that are necessary to build your relationship is part awareness and part practice. Relationship: reScript is different from most relationship retreats or counseling sessions, in that we focus more on self-discovery and active involvement than on presenting, lecturing, and note taking. As with other Foundations Seminars, the participants will actively engage in exercises to discovering what works for them and how to employ their discoveries into their future lives.

Experiential Exercises Facilitate Long-Term Integration

Who Should Attend?

Relationship: reScript valuable for couples in any stage of a relationship, whether you're dating, engaged or newly married, in a long-term marriage or committed relationship, or on the brink of separation or divorce.

The content and exercises are designed for couples who are committed to creating, nurturing, and maintaining relationships in which love can thrive, not merely survive.

Participating in the workshop does not guarantee that your relationship will survive. However, it will give you an accurate assessment of what improvements need to be made, as well as the practical and proven tools to change your relationship for the better.

What You'll Learn

  • Honestly and objectively evaluate your relationship with your partner … perhaps for the first time ever
  • How your personal playbooks develop… and their affect on your relationship
  • Gain insight into what makes your partner tick (this insight alone will dramatically reduce your irritation with each other)
  • How to adjust your communication style so that your partner better understands you – an easy way to reduce conflict
  • You think you're expressing your love, but your partner doesn't agree. Here's how to ensure that your partner receives the love messages you're sending
  • How to increase your cooperation and ability to work as a team
  • How to effectively influence and persuade your partner
  • Simple ways to nurture your relationship and make your partner feel cherished
  • Identify the spoken and unspoken rules about your relationship … and understand how they're impacting your ability to fully express yourself and create true emotional intimacy with your partner
  • How to ask for what you want from your relationship, without putting your partner on the defensive
  • How to compromise in a way that makes your partner feel valued and heard — and that leaves you satisfied as well
  • Forge agreements with your partner about the type of relationship you'll create after the workshop

Participation Is Strictly Limited

To preserve a sense of intimacy and ensure that all participants receive the time and attention needed to take their relationships to the next level, participation in this Relationship Workshop is limited to 12 couples.

Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure you can gain access to the tools needed to take your relationship to the next level, enroll now.

Only one registration is needed for each couple. Early Bird special is available until two weeks prior to the seminar. The cost is $495 per couple. Early Bird special is $395 per couple. If you live seperately or would like your emails to be sent out to both partners, please complete two registration forms; however, submit only one paypal payment.

Please email with any other questions.