Foundations Seminars

Impact your life, impact your world!

We all want to be impactful.

We want to be impactful in our careers, our relationships, and our lives in general.

Sometimes we are impactful. Often we aren't. Or it's a negative impact.

Who Should Participate

Participation in the Foundations Seminars will benefit anyone who is ready to get more from life - no matter what their life looks like today.

Many participants start the Foundations Seminars with a life that is already successful and working well. Now they're ready to achieve even more - and they join the Foundations Seminar to access personal-development processes that have been proven.

Other participants join the Foundations Seminar because their life isn't working in one or more areas. Some of the most common signs that you're ready for the transformation that Foundations facilitates include:

  • "I've lost my drive and passion for life."
  • "My marriage is stale and dull... I don't recognize the person I'm married to anymore."
  • "I'm in a rut. I don't even remember what dreams I had."
  • "I feel all alone... and I am alone. The people who are closest to me keep disappearing."
  • "I don't feel good about myself or my life."
  • "I've had a series of relationships... but nothing lasts."
  • "I don't believe I deserve the success I've always dreamed of."
  • "I think there has to be something more... but I don't know how to achieve it."
  • "I believe that I was put here for a reason... I just don't know what it is."
  • "I feel hollow and unfulfilled by my life."
  • "I feel like I'm going crazy because I don't fit into my life."
  • "I've achieved everything I always dreamed of, however I'm bored and unfulfilled."
  • "I keep trying to achieve more... however, nothing seems to work and I'm ready to give up."
  • "I keep trying to figure out what will make my life better, but nothing I do seems to work."
  • "I am sick of myself and want to change the way I think, act, and live."
  • "My job is draining the life out of me. I have no passion for what I'm doing... and I wonder if this is all there is to life.

If you agree with one or more of these statements - or if you want to achieve even greater happiness, success and delight with life - you're ready for Foundations.

During Climb you can expect to experience:

  • The simple, yet powerful, change you can make to instantly begin improving the quality of your life.
  • How to be honest - with yourself and with others - in any situation.
  • The easiest way to give yourself an honest assessment of how well your life is working... and where you're holding yourself back.
  • Identify the types of people who make you the most uncomfortable - and then break through your fears.
  • Identify what controls your emotional world (once you can do this, you'll have control over every area of your life... and the ability to make changes.)
  • Examine all the self defeating thoughts and learn how to ignore the ones that don't support you.
  • The ways you're deluding yourself... and how to break free of the patterns that are holding you back.
  • The driving force behind most interpersonal conflict... and the easiest way to defuse it.
  • Effective ways to set and protect your boundaries.
  • How to make peace with the mistakes your parents made while raising you can finally move beyond childhood hurts and traumas.
  • Have a hard time receiving criticism without feeling ashamed and embarrassed? Discover 3 responses that will help you extract the essence from any piece of feedback.
  • An eye-opening way to determine whether you give too much to other and neglect yourself.
  • Understand how painful experiences from your past are influencing your behavior today.
  • Learn a powerful technique for leaving your emotional baggage you can live a more fulfiling life.
  • Acknowleding things that you don't like about yourself and what you must do instead.
  • The two words that will instantly get you back on course when you start to slip into old thinking patterns.
  • How to break out of your comfort zone... so you can live a joyful life.

When you return for Flight you can expect to experience:

  • Learning your preferred personality type and how it impacts communication with everyone.
  • Are you letting life pass you by or letting others seize opportunities that should be yours?
  • The seven skills essential to maintaining integrity and character.
  • Your life purpose will reveal whether your life is working as well as it should be.
  • Powerful techniques that allow you to instantly raise your emotions and mood.
  • Honestly assess your ability to keep aggreements... and how to renegotiate promises you can't keep.
  • Understand your issues you have with authority... and how you react when someone challenges your authority.
  • The two questions that will help you embrace - and even enjoy - the tedious tasks you must perform to live your life.
  • The critical mistake most people make when trying to apoligize... and what you must be prepared to do instead.
  • Learning your preferred Love Language.
  • Acknowledge the full array of gifts that you bring to the world.
  • Why most people fail to make permanent shifts in their behavior... and the transformational excercise that will cement your commitment to change.

After completing The Foundations Seminars you can expect/increase your emotional intelligence along with an improved impact in your personal and professional life.

You owe it to yourself, to Look at Yourself.

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