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Steve Safigan MAPP, CPCC, ACC

Steve Safigan MAPP, CPCC, ACC

Steve has learned through experience that in order to truly live life, he must be willing to authentically connect with others. He knows that to be emotionally vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, but is in fact very powerful. Steve believes that there is no greater privilege than to assist others as they create better in their own lives.

Steve is a seminar leader, facilitator, and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Steve also has a Masters degree from The University of Pennsylvania's for Applied Positive Psychology (the academic equivalent of an advanced degree for personal development). Steve is a founding member and volunteers on the Board of Directors for Foundations. He has actively participated in and delivered workshops in Canada and the United States for the past 14 years.

Ron Howden

Ron Howden

Ron's life experience has taught him that better is possible, if you are willing to go after it. His deep desire and passion is to help others to reach their potential and create meaningful lifelong relationships.

Ron is a seminar leader and facilitator. He has volunteered for Foundations since its establishment and is on the Board of Directors for Foundations. Ron has actively participated in and delivered personal development workshops in Canada and the United States with Foundations and other organizations for the past 20 years.

Rick Oneal MDiv, CEC, ACC

Rick Oneal MDiv, CEC, ACC

Rick really enjoys the "aha" moments - special moments when the light comes on and there is clarity. "I love seeing the light bulb come on for people (myself included). The moment of discovery is one of the best." Rick will come along side you in the pursuit of your next "aha" moment.

Rick has been training, leading, and coaching teams for over 20 years. He is a Certified Professional & Executive Coach (certified by the ICF). I was in sales for six years and then finished my BA at Southwestern Adventist University and my Masters at Andrews University. After school I went into management: University Residence Halls, Retail, Golf Course, and Non-profit.

Other Certifications: Prepare/Enrich©, Personality Dimensions, CVI (Taylor Protocols), Enhanced Skills Practitioner of C-IQ - Conversational Intelligence.

Rick plays tennis and enjoys golf immensely but is much better at strategic board games. He lives in Oregon with his wife Heather, and the owner of the house Cali the cat.

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