Personal Coaching

Foundations is committed to continual improvement as one of our values. We have learned “If you don’t use it you’ll lose it.” We have discovered that one of the more excellent ways to keep your personal growth alive is to engage a personal life coach.

Find the coach that is right for you.

Coaches are diverse individuals with varied backgrounds. Our coaching roster all has information about our coaches and some areas they may specialize in. However, all are full-life coaches and would be able to bring coaching to all aspects of your life. The most important thing when sampling and choosing a coach is to feel connected to them. They will also be looking for that resonance with you and, like you, will be honest about whether they anticipate a great match.

Coaches are independent.

Foundations does not attempt to manage your coaching relationship. Coaches will enter into an agreement with you when you choose to engage their services. The listed coaches have attended and completed the Foundations Series as a minimum, and others have served as volunteers and team members as well. They have also attended coaches training through the various coaching schools that train Personal Life Coaches.

So what are you waiting for . . . . Find YOUR personal life coach from the list below!

Rick Oneal

Rick Oneal